Purpose and scope

Wufoo (by SurveyMonkey) is an online form builder, which allows you to collect data and to automate your workflow.

Set up your Wufoo integration in our App Store in Aphix Management Interface.

The purpose of this article is to explain how to do this. 

Step by step


You have an account on the Wufoo platform. 

  1. Open App Store, select Settings under Wufoo, and enter your Wufoo username and API key.

  2. Click Activate.

Key points

  • Find your Wufoo username is found in the top right corner of the Wufoo interface.

  • Hover over an existing Wufoo form, click More to display a list of options, and select API Information from the drop-down list of options. The API key is valid for all forms within your Wufoo account.