Purpose and scope

The Product Administration section within Aphix Management Interface aids in maintaining product catalogue quality by providing you with a set of features that allow you to create, update and maintain your product data.

The purpose of this article is to describe how to use the custom product export to export my product catalogue.

Step by step

Step 1: Log into Management Interface

Log in

Log into Management Interface using your username and password. This opens the dashboard of your Management Interface.

Step 2: Open Product Administration


Click Products on the left hand menu. This opens Product Administration, from where you can manage your product catalogue.

Select Export / Import from the group of buttons at the top of the Product Administration page. This opens the Product Import / Export page.

Step 3: Export product catalogue using Custom Export

  1. Select Export tab. This opens a page giving you export options.

  2. Select Custom Export. This opens the Custom Export page, that allows you to select which fields in your product catalogue you can export to a spreadsheet.

  3. Highlight the fields you wish to export by left clicking your mouse and holding the ctrl key down.

  4. Click Export to export the data.

Key notes

  • The product code is always exported and is the first column in the spreadsheet.

  • You can select to download a subset of product codes by entering a comma or row separated list under Product SKUs

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