The Localisation screen allows you to customise your Aphix WebShop so that is reflects the region you work in.

How it fits together

Currently, you can manage the following localisation settings:


Configuring the countries list correctly is important so that your delivery countries are listed correctly on your WebShop, you can easily configure different shipping costs dependent on the destination and to comply with PSD2 rules for payment gateway integrations. Find out more by reading how to configure delivery countries in Aphix WebShop.


The Taxes screen defines VAT rates for different countries. It is applicable where you deliver your products to many different delivery countries.


Combine delivery countries into zones to simplify how you define your shipping costs using Shipping Services.


The Translations feature has two key purposes. It allows you to update and display field labels and error messages that are in the Aphix WebShop user interface with terms and phrases of your own. Additionally, use Translations to update and display field labels and error messages in multiple languages. We currently support: English (UK), Dutch (Netherlands), French, German and Spanish. Read our feature guide on Using Translations in Aphix WebShop.

Regional Settings

Define how you wish to format and display product prices, without affecting any pricing calculations. Find out more in our Product price display feature guide.