Purpose and scope

As a merchant, there may be times that you want to control how and when orders are placed into your ERP. Maybe you want to check their veracity before you submit them into your ERP. Perhaps you need to approve certain customer's orders manually for stock allocation or credit control reasons. Or maybe your customer's have an internal approval process for their orders prior to submission. 

The order approval feature provides you with the control and flexibility to do that - review, approve and then place orders in your ERP following approval.

This article shows you how to

  • view a list of unapproved orders

  • view or edit a specific order

  • add an order to your cart

  • approve an order

Step by step

Step 1: Log into WebShop

Log in

Log into WebShop with your username and password. This opens the dashboard of WebShop.

Step 2: View list of unapproved orders


View a list of unapproved orders

Click UnApproved Orders from the menu on the left of your screen. This display one of two screens:

There are no orders to approve

There are orders to approve


As an order approver, you can perform the following actions on each unapproved order:

  • View or edit order
  • Add to cart
  • Approve order

Action 1: View or edit order

View or edit


 opens up the specific order, and displays each line item in it. 

From this screen, you can modify the PO reference, remove items, edit quantities, add items contained in it to the cart.

Once you have finished editing or if you've reviewed it and it requires no editing, you can click on Approve and Place Order to place the order in your ERP for fulfillment. 

Action 2: Add order to cart



 adds the contents of this unapproved order into the cart. This allows you, as the approver, to  add multiple orders to the cart and place them all as one large order. Once the order items are in the cart, normal actions that apply to carts can be executed here; so you can modify quantities or remove items if you need to before placing the order in your ERP.

When this order is placed, the linked unapproved orders will be marked as Approved.

Click Cancel (highlighted in red in the screenshot) If you wish to remove the contents of this unapproved order from the cart.

Action 3: Approve order



 places the order directly into your ERP.