Purpose and scope

As a merchant, if your customer can not immediately place an order, you may like to know what products they are interested in. Typically, customers place quotes to indicate interest in products prior to placing an order.

Aphix Digital Platform integrates seamlessly with your ERP through a web service calls. Aphix WebShop's Quotations feature uses web service calls to save your customer's quote data into your ERP, to retrieve that quote and to convert those quotes into sales orders.

This article explains what steps your customers follow to create a quote. It also defines where the quote data is stored within your ERP.

Step by step

Your customers can create a quote in WebShop in the following way:

  • Add products to the cart.

  • Click Checkout.

  • Complete the delivery address details and click Next.

  • On the Confirm Orders page, select “Request a quote for this order” in the list of payment method options and click “Request a quote for this order”. This places the quote into your ERP.

Storing and retrieving data

Key points

When you create your quote, the sales quotation is placed in real-time into your ERP.

SAP Business One - Quotations

These mappings are intended to help you understand integration between Aphix Digital Platform and SAP Business One. They do not attempt to explain how this feature operates in SAP Business One. Please go to the SAP Help Portal for more information about Quotations in SAP Business One. 

Fields in WebShop are mapped to the fields listed on the Sales Quotations screen in SAP Business One. For clarity, the mapping tables indicate the section as shown in the screenshot and field name listed in SAP Business One. The Sales Quotation screen in SAP Business One is divided into three main sections, as shown.

Key points

  • Quotations are stored in and/or retrieved from the OQUT table in SAP Business One. 
  • The Aphix field labels listed below are the default labels; you can change them using our Translations feature in your Management Interface.

General area (top)


SAP Business One

Extra notes
Field nameDisplayed in WebShopField label
Customer account codeNCustomerSet to value in Code field in Business Partner Master Data
Contact nameYContact person

PO ReferenceYCustomer Ref. No.Entered by customer
<no label>NLocal currencySet to value in Currency field in Business Partner Master Data

Set to next number in series

StatusNStatusSet to Open
<no label>NPosting dateSet to today's date
Valid UntilNValid UntilBy default, set to "Document date" plus 2 weeks. Can be configured during set up
Issue DateNDocument dateBy default, sets to today's date

Tabulated area

AphixSAP Business OneExtra notes
Field nameDisplayed in WebShopTabField label
CodeYContentsItem No.Set to Item No. taken from Item Master Data
NameYContentsItem Description

Set to Description taken from Item Master Data


YContentsQuantityEntered by customer
Unit priceYContentsUnit PriceSet to Unit price taken from the default price list (Price List field) in Item Master Data, before any discounts are applied.
DiscountYContentsDiscount %


If discounts exist, they are set to what the customer is entitled to according to their sales order pricing.

Tax rateNContentsTax code
Net totalYContentsTotal (LC)
VAT amount


ContentsTax amountOptional
Gross totalYContentsTotalOptional 
Pack sizeYContentsUoM CodeSet to value taken from UoM Group in Item Master Data.
PackYContentsUoM Name
Delivery address


LogisticsShip To

Pre-populated with an existing Delivery address.

Dependent on how "Delivery address" was selected when quote is created. It is set to one these options: 

  • When an address book item is selected, the Ship To | Address is re-used
  • When the address is added manually, these address lines are added line into Ship To | Address field
Billing addressYLogisticsBill ToSet to default billing address obtained from Items Master Data table
<no label>NLogisticsShipping TypeMapped from checkout option
Payment termsYAccountingPayment TermsSet to Payment Terms, which is a pre-defined drop-down list of Payment Terms Code(s)
Payment methodsNAccountingPayment Method
Customer Tax Registration RefNAccountingFederal Tax Id

General area (bottom)


SAP Business One

Extra notes
Field nameDisplayed in WebShopField label
Sales contactNSales EmployeeSet to the sales employee, which has been selected from a pre-defined drop-down list of values.
Net TotalYTotal Before Discount

Calculated. Optional field.

Discount YDiscountOptional
VAT TotalY


Gross PriceYTotal
Shipping totalYFreight