Step by step

Calculate real-time pricing for products in the Cart

Click My Cart in the top-right corner of the screen once the order has been compiled. This opens the Cart and lists all products that have been added to the Cart.

Key points

The final pricing for the order is calculated by applying any applicated vouchers or multi-buy offers and by retrieving the latest products in real-time from your ERP.

Select shipping options

Your customer specifies how they would like to get their order. Using Shipping services in Aphix WebShop, you can configure different shipping options and associated charges. Your customer may have to Update Cart if they change their shipping option, which may affect the final price of the order.

Complete delivery information

Once your customer is happy with their order, they click Checkout. Depending on the shipping option selected, one of the following screens are displayed:

Has your customer selected "Collect In Store "?

If your customer selects Collect-in-store, they can select a location point from the drop-down list. The location points are the list of store locations you have previously configured in Aphix Management Interface - read Managing store locations in Aphix WebShop for more information.

Once your customer has selected a location point, and clicked Checkout, the Collect in Store screen is displayed.

Enter the required data and click Next.

Has your customer selected "Delivery"?

If your customer selects Delivery, the Delivery Details screen is displayed. 

Key points

  • By default, the Billing Address are set to the "Bill To" field in your ERP.

  • By default, the Delivery Address are set to the "Ship To" field in your ERP.

  • Your customers can select a delivery address from a drop-down box on the Delivery Details screen. This list displayed is a combination of delivery addresses saved to WebShop and those that are saved in your ERP. Find out how your customers can create and manage their delivery addresses in Aphix WebShop here.

  • Your customers can overwrite the default delivery address and use the modified address for this order. If they do, the address is stored with the order details; it is not saved in the Address Book.

  • Your customer must enter a PO Reference in the Additional Info section of the Delivery Details screen.

Enter the required data and click Next.