Purpose and scope

As a merchant, there may be times that you want to control how and when orders are placed into your ERP. Maybe you want to check their veracity before you submit them into your ERP. Perhaps you need to approve certain customer's orders manually for stock allocation or credit control reasons. Or maybe your customer's have an internal approval process for their orders prior to submission. 

The order approval feature provides you with the control and flexibility to do that - review, approve and then place orders in your ERP following approval.

This article explains how to set up the order approval feature.

Step by step

Step 1: Login into Management Interface

Log in

Log into Management Interface using your username and password. This opens the dashboard of your Management Interface.

Step 2: Open Customer Administration


Click Customers on the left hand menu. This opens Customer Administration, from where you can select one of six options.

Step 3: Open customer

  1. Click "Customer from ERP" if setting up a new customer. This displays a list of your customers who have records in your ERP.

  2. If changing an existing customer record, go to Web Customers instead.

  3. Search or select the customer whose details you wish to view and click Edit to the right of the customer's name.

Step 4: Set up order approval for specific customers

Set up
  1. Select Permissions tab of the customer whose details you have opened. This displays a list of features that you can switch on and off for that customer; one of these features is order approval.

  2. Enter the account code into the Account Code field of the customer's whose orders you wish to approve prior to them being placed in your ERP.

  3. Set Un-Approved Orders Manager to Yes.

  4. Click Save. Your changes are saved.

Key points

  • The account code entered in the Account Code field must exactly match the customer's account code in your ERP.

  • A Un-Approved Orders Manager must also be an Admin user, so make sure that Admin user is also set to Yes.

  • As an admin or order approver, you can also switch between the different user accounts/web logins on a particular account record, if there are multiple users on the same account. This makes reviewing and approving orders each easier. 

  • When you switch the Order Approval feature on, a new menu option appears in your WebShop called Un-approved Orders. You can only see this option on your Account Dashboard if you are an order approver.

  • Any changes saved are immediately applied to your WebShop.

What do my customers see in WebShop when the order approval feature has been switched on?

When your customers place an order where this feature is switched on, your customer will see the following screen, letting them know that they have successfully placed their order and that it will be reviewed shortly.