Purpose and scope

As a merchant, you may want to improve your product offering, by selling gift vouchers or including discount-based coupons on either all or some products in your catalogue. The Coupons feature allows you to create a variety of different discount-based coupons in Aphix Management Interface. The discount-based coupons can be applied to all products in your catalogue, or to products that match specific criteria.

A coupon applies a percentage reduction on some or all products. Coupons can be restricted by product code or by email address.

A voucher applies a fixed amount to be deducted ono the amount due on an order. A voucher can be used multiple times and reduces over time. If the amount of the order is greater than the voucher value, the remaining balance is listed and changed on the final payments page. This could mean that you are charged immediately as a credit card customer, or your credit is reduced by the amount if you are a credit customer. If the amount of the order is less than the voucher value, the order amount is deducted from the voucher, and the voucher balance is reduced by the same amount. The remaining voucher value can be used at a later time.

The purpose of this article is to show how your customers can use vouchers and coupons in Aphix WebShop.

Using a coupon or voucher in Aphix WebShop

Once you have shared the voucher code with your customers, they are in a position to use it.

Your customers log into their Aphix WebShop account and create an order by placing products in their cart. When they are ready to checkout, they click My Cart. This opens the Cart screen.

To add a coupon or voucher, enter the code into the box labelled: “Do you have a coupon or voucher?“ and click Update. This verifies the coupon or voucher, and if valid applies the discount to the cart total.

Example 1

Coupon is 10% discount from gross total

Example 2

Voucher is £25, which is deducted from the net total where the total is greater than the order value

Example 3

Voucher is a £60, which is deducted from the net total (£52), and there is a balance of £8 left on the voucher for the customer to use