Purpose and scope  

A customer group is a list of customers who have a web account on Aphix WebShop that are linked via a group name. Within Aphix you can manage tasks by customer group. Tasks that can be managed using customer group include:

This article explains how to create and delete customer groups and to add a customer to an existing group.

Introducing terms and concepts used in this article



Customer group

a list of customers who have a web account on Aphix WebShop that are linked via a group name. 

Web account

a WebShop account that provides you with WebShop functionality, such as viewing online order history, saving carts for future use or save delivery and billing addresses, which is not synchronized with your ERP.


Log into Management Interface

Log in

Log into Management Interface using your username and password. This opens the dashboard of your Management Interface.

Open Customer Administration

Step 2: Open Customer Administration

Click Customers on the left hand menu. This opens Customer Administration, from where you can select one of six options.

Action 1: Create a customer group

  • Click 

    . This opens the Customer Groups screen.

  • Click New Group. This displays a form where you can create your new customer group.

  • Enter a name for your customer group. 

  • Click Add Group. This displays a screen with two tabs:

    • Edit Group 

      Field nameDescription
      Group name

      Contains the name of the customer group

      Notify emails of ordersComma-separated list of email addresses. Notification of orders placed are sent to this list of email addresses. The email addresses provided here do not have to be stored as a Web or ERP customer in the Aphix Digital Platform.

    • Customers in Group 

      Field name or actionDescription

      To add customers to a customer group one by one:

      • Search for your customer by code or email address. 

      Your customer must be a Web customer to be added to a customer group.

      • Click Add Customer to Group. This adds the customer to the group. The list of customers in the group are displayed below. 

      To import a list of customers for a customer group:

      • Create a spreadsheet with the following columns: "Customer Code", "Customer Email Address".
      • Click Choose File and upload the file.
      • Click Import and replace members of this Group.

      Importing customer details deletes existing customer group members and replaces them with the spreadsheet's contents.

  • Click Save when you have filled in the fields in both tabs. This saves your customer group. It can be used by other features now, such as How do I restrict Aphix WebShop pages to a particular set of customers.

Action 2: Add a customer to an existing group

  1. Click 

    . This opens a list of existing web customers.

  2. Select the Customer Groups tab. This opens the Customer Groups screen.

  3. Open the customer group you wish to edit.

  4. Select Customers in Group Tab.

  5. Either click Add Customer to Group, and fill in the required information to add the customer or export the existing customer group, add the customers to the spreadsheet and re-import the spreadsheet. 

Action 3: Delete a customer group


To delete a customer group, click Remove Groups on the Customer Groups page.

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