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Aphix PocketShop integration with your ERP

Purpose and scope

Aphix Digital Platform integrates seamlessly with your Enterprise Resource Platform (ERP), allowing you to use and extend your business data online without compromising its quality and integrity. As standard, Aphix has developed and maintain web services to integrate its Digital Platform with:

  • SAP Business One

  • Intact iQ, xLine and vLine

  • Sage 200 and Sage EM (X3)

Aphix Digital Platform integrates with your ERP using an appropriate web service. This means that a standard set of web service calls are made to send requests for data and receive required data in response. Aphix PocketShop uses the same set of web service calls to integrate with your ERP.

This feature guide explains when web service calls are made from PocketShop, and on what screen the data is displayed


Key benefits are:

  • Using a standard set of web service calls developed and maintained by Aphix means that your data quality and integrity is maintained.

  • Web service calls are made at the appropriate time, so that Aphix PocketShop is responsive to your requests which in turn, helps you run your business more efficiently.

How it works

Aphix PocketShop integrates with your ERP at the following points:

  • When you initially Log in, your data is retrieved and then stored locally in PocketShop. The following data is retrieved:

    • My account

    • Product catalogue

    • List of Recent products

    • Order history

    • Transactions

  • A periodic sync occurs between your ERP and the Aphix Digital Platform. Any product changes in {ERP} are uploaded into PocketShop.

  • When you update a single product in Aphix Management Interface, the change is uploaded onto PocketShop.

  • Each time you open the Transactions screen, the latest ledger details, such as invoices, from the order and journal tables for a particular customer are retrieved from your ERP

  • Each time you open the Order History screen, the latest order details are retrieved from your ERP.

  • When you checkout, Aphix PocketShop:

    • performs real-time price calculation on the products in your order,

    • obtains any freight / shipping charges that are owed,

    • places the order in your ERP in real-time.

  • When you log out, PocketShop cleans up data and exits gracefully.

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