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Branding and managing content in Aphix PocketShop

Purpose and scope

As a merchant, you want your identity and brand to be displayed through your eCommerce mobile app. Your Aphix PocketShop will be built with your colours, your logo and your content so that your company brand shines through.

After its release to the Google Play Store or Apple Store, you may want to make changes to it. Some of these changes, such as adding content to the latest news section or updating your banner set, you can do yourself in the Management Interface. Others you make need us to help you with. For example, if you change your logo and wish to update it in PocketShop, this may require the app to be re-built and re-distributed to your customers.

This feature guide describes how to manage the content and categories of Aphix PocketShop. In particular, it explains:

  • How to update a category banner set in Aphix PocketShop

  • How to update an Aphix PocketShop banner set

  • How to share company news with my customers

  • How to modify your company’s colours, icon or splash screen on Aphix PocketShop

  • How to update your company’s contact details


Key benefits of branding Aphix PocketShop and having functionality to manage your content:

  • Allows your company’s icon, colours and identity shine through.

  • Provides direct, timely communication with your customers. For example, you can share your latest news with your customers directly.

  • Provides instant updates to images displayed in the banner section of PocketShop. This affords you more control over how and when your marketing and communications strategy is implemented in PocketShop


Managing content and categories in Aphix PocketShop

It is easy to manage content and categories in Aphix PocketShop through your Aphix Management Interface.

Modifying Aphix PocketShop branding and content

There is a service charge for this feature. Contact support or your account manager to discuss what additional fees are associated with modifying your icon, colours and splash screens after PocketShop has been deployed.


When you initially deploy Aphix PocketShop, it is branded with your icon, colours and splash screen. You can specify primary and secondary colours.

Image sizes

To display your images at the best quality, we recommend the following sizes:

  • Hero: 1000 x 666

  • Icon: 1024 x 1024

  • Logo: 400 x 400

  • Splash screen: 2732 x 2732

"Contact us” screen

When you initially deploy Aphix PocketShop, a “Contact us” screen is included with your contact details. It is possible to modify your contact details. This requires us to make some in-house changes before re-building and re-deploying your PocketShop.

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