Purpose and scope

As a merchant, you want to collect payment for the products you sell safely, securely and efficiently. Aphix PocketShop integrates with Opayo to allow for speedy and efficient payment by credit card.

When your customer checks out after selecting the products they wish to buy, they have an option to pay on account or pay by credit card. When your customer selects “Pay by credit card”, they are presented with Opayo's payment screens, allowing them to enter their card details and make a payment. Once the payment has been processed, the order is placed in your ERP.

This feature guide describes how to carry out the following tasks: 

  • Integrating your Opayo by Elavon payment gateway with Aphix PocketShop  

  • Paying by credit or debit card in Aphix PocketShop


Key benefits of payment gateway integration:

  • Collect payments immediately and efficiently

  • Your customer's payment details are secure since we are using PCI compliant Opayo as our payment gateway


Integrating your Opayo payment gateway with Aphix PocketShop

We can work together to get your Opayo payment gateway up and running quickly. When you set up your Opayo account, you have one vendor name and, possibly, one or more users. The vendor name is the account identifier and never changes. The vendor name is used to set up your payment gateway.

As a merchant, log into your Opayo account using your vendor name.

Select “Add a IP”, which allows you to add a set of IP addresses that link your payment gateway to Aphix PocketShop. We will share these IP addresses with you directly.

Under “Payment Pay templates”, select “Responsive”. This ensures that Aphix PocketShop screens work correctly on all smartphones.

Aphix makes some in-house configuration changes.

Typically, we test that everything operates as it should on a test service, before deploying it to your live system.


  • IP addresses need to be padded and in the following format: NNN.NNN.NNN.NNN.NNN .

  • Payments made through the gateway must be tested on a live system - initially in a testing environment. They can not be tested on a local machine.

Paying by credit card - as a customer

  1. Add products to your order. When you have completed adding products to your order, click Checkout in the bottom right of the screen.

  2. Complete your contact details, and select if you want delivery or collect-in-store. Click Confirm.

  3. Verify your contact and order details are collect, accept the terms and conditions and click the credit card icon on the bottom left of the screen to pay by credit card.

  4. Select your credit card.

  5. Complete your credit card details, and click Confirm card details. This displays a screen allowing you to review your order details.

  6. Click Pay <amount> bill now. This processes your payment transaction, and places your order.

Paying by credit card - as a merchant

Once payment has been successfully processed, the order is placed in your ERP in real-time. A payment receipt specifying the payment type is sent from Opayo to your ERP. 

If you have an EDI-based system, the payment receipt specifies that the order has been paid by credit card; the payment gateway is not specified.

Select your ERP from the drop down box on the top-right of this screen to see the payment type for your ERP.