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Displaying custom reports in Aphix SalesRep

Purpose and scope

Only available when Aphix SalesRep is integrated with SAP Business One.

As a merchant using SAP Business One, you may wish to extract information from your ERP to share with your customers on Aphix WebShop or Aphix SalesRep. The custom report feature allows you to create, edit and delete custom reports that contain either customer-specific or product-specific information that you require. You manage these reports in Aphix Management Interface. Custom reports can be displayed on Aphix WebShop and/or Aphix SalesRep.

The purpose of this feature guide is to demonstrate what your customers see when you have created custom reports in Aphix Management Interface for their use.

Introducing terms and concepts used in this article




a client of the merchant.

Enterprise resource platform (ERP)

a collection of your critical business operating systems, such as product, stock levels, financial, customers, suppliers and so on that run on the same platform.


a client of Experlogix or Aphix; a company who uses the Aphix or Digital Commerce platform.

Step by step

Create and manage custom reports

Create and manage

Custom reports are created and managed in Aphix Management Interface. Read Using custom reports in Aphix Management Interface for a step by step guide.

Reports are synced with Aphix SalesRep when you select to sync the data, or at scheduled, regular intervals.

What do my customers see after I have set up a custom report?



A custom report called Warranty Report (custom) has been created in Aphix Management Interface for display on the Aphix SalesRep customer dashboard.

In Aphix Management Interface:

The custom report is displayed as a tab on the SalesRep dashboard, which is where your customer can view the data.

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