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Using Recent Products in Aphix SalesRep

Purpose and scope

Within each customer’s account, there is a Recent Products tab. The tasks you can complete from within this tab are:

  • View all products that have been purchased recently

  • View full product details in product catalogue for recently purchased products

  • Create an order or add to existing order

The purpose of this feature guide is to provide a step by step guide to how to carry out these tasks.

Introducing terms and concepts used in this article




a client of the merchant.

Enterprise resource platform (ERP)

a collection of your critical business operating systems, such as product, stock levels, financial, customers, suppliers and so on that run on the same platform.


a client of Experlogix or Aphix; a company who uses the Aphix or Digital Commerce platform.

Step by step


You are logged into Aphix SalesRep.

Open customer account

  • Click Accounts in the side menu. This opens your customer list.

  • Find the customer whose account you wish to open, either by browsing the customer list or using the search facility.

  • Click on the customer’s name to open the account.

Select Recent Products


Click Recent Products in the top menu bar. This opens a list of the customer’s recently purchased products.

Action 1: Create order

  • If you do not have an open order, a list of recently purchased products are displayed with an option to “Create order”.

  • Click Create order. This displays the product catalogue. Follow steps to place your order.

Action 2: Add products to existing order

  • If you have an active open order, a list of recently purchased products are displayed with Qty fields.

  • Add products to the order by increasing the Qty fields. Follow steps to place your order.

Action 3: View in catalogue


Remember that you must have at least one open order before you can view your recent products in the catalogue.

Click View in catalogue. This opens the product catalogue with your recent products displayed as a list. Within product catalogue, you can view detailed information, images, purchase history and more about the recently purchased product.

Action 4: Download latest


Click Download Latest. This downloads the latest recent products data from your ERP.

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