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Using the Customer Portal Dashboard

Purpose and scope

Customer Portal is only available for Brightpearl by Sage integrations.

Aphix Digital Platform integrates seamlessly with Brightpearl, allowing you to use and extend your business data online without compromising its quality and integrity. Data is requested and sent through a standard data interface using a REST web service.

Aphix integrates with Brightpearl to provide you with a

  • Customer Portal - designed to be used by customers to view their order history, quotations, delivery addresses and account details.

  • Purchase Order Portal - designed to be used by suppliers to allow Brightpearl suppliers view, manage and fulfil orders.

This article gives you a step by step guide to how to use your Brightpearl Customer Portal.

More information



Log into your Brightpearl Customer Portal.


Options available

The Dashboard is displayed when you login.

Actions available

  • View account details

  • Select an option from the menu on the left

  • Click Pay off Balance to pay off some or all of your outstanding balance using the integrated payment gateway

  • Logout

Delivery addresses

Delivery addresses

The delivery addresses screen lists delivery details.

Actions available

  • View a list of your delivery addresses

  • Click Edit to update delivery address details

  • Click Add to add a new delivery address

Delivery addresses that your customers add via the Customer Portal are saved in real-time to Brightpearl.



The quotations screen lists your active quotes.

Actions available

  • View a list of active quotes

  • Click View to see details of a specific quote

  • Once you have opened a specific quote:

    • to send quote details by email, click Share Quote.

    • to place this order, click Convert to Order. This places the order directly into your ERP.

    • to add a comment, enter the extra information in the text box under Comments and click Add Comment.

Account details

Account details

The account details displays your credit limit, credit balance and contact details.

Actions available

  • View your credit limit, credit balance and contact details.

  • Update your contact details.

Order history

Order history

The Order History screen displays a list of all orders placed by your customers.

Actions available

  • View a list of orders.

  • Click View to see more detail about a specific order.

Read more about Order History functionality on Brightpearl’s help portal1.



The Transactions screen lists commercial documents, such as Invoices and Credit Notes.

Actions available

  • View a list of transactions.

  • Filter by different document types. By default, all transactions are listed.

  • Click View to see more detail about a specific transaction.

  • Click Print to print a specific transaction.

  • Click one or more checkboxes to the left of the transaction to select specific transactions for payment.


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1 External site: Customer Account Portal (shared from Brightpearl's help portal)

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