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How are shipping charges applied to my customer's WebShop order?

Purpose and scope

As a merchant, you may have complex delivery charges that you wish to apply to your customer's cart. Perhaps you want to base your shipping charges on a specific set of products? Maybe, you wish to apply a different shipping charge based on the delivery country? Or you want to create a hierarchy of shipping charges based on more complex rules.

Our shipping services feature offers you more control and flexibility over how you configure and manage shipping rules and charges. Shipping services are set up in Aphix Management Interface. 

The purpose of this article is to explain how shipping fees are applied to your customer's WebShop order.

Step by step

Regardless of how your shipping charges are configured, they are applied automatically to the order when your customer checkouts.

Typically, shipping charges are based on the delivery address (shown in the screenshot) and the configured shipping charges. Shipping charges are usually applied if the order is being delivered. If your customer has selected to collect their order in store, no shipping charge is applied.

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