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Screen layout: Dashboard


The Dashboard screen displays analytics on how your system is used.

How it fits together

The Dashboard screens displays data analytics that provide insights you can use to inform your sales strategy and manage the day to day operation of your Aphix system. By default, the Dashboard screen is displayed when you log into Aphix Management Interface.

Sales data

Sales data is retrieved and displayed on two information panels: Order by values and Orders by volume.

Actions available

  1. Filter each dataset by date range and/or currency

  2. Zoom in or out of each graph

  3. Pan the available data

  4. Download each graph in SVG or PNG format

  5. Display all data

System data

System data is retrieved and displayed on two information panels: Latest System Logs and Page Views.

Actions available

  1. View the latest system logs which lists information about system heartbeats, data imports and refreshes.

  2. View page view analytics to obtain insights into your customer’s user experience.

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