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Creating customer accounts in Aphix WebShop

Purpose and scope

Your customers will reap more benefits from using your Aphix WebShop if they have an account. Having an account provides them with a WebShop dashboard from where they can quickly carry out many tasks, such as storing delivery and billing addresses, viewing online order history, storing favourites and building orders for future use.

Creating WebShop accounts is simple and fast. 

In Aphix WebShop:

  • for B2B trade customers, your customers can automatically set up their WebShop account provided you have well-maintained customer contacts in your ERP

  • for all other customers, your customers can create a web account from the Login/Register page in your WebShop

In Aphix Management Interface:

  • for all customers, create and import a spreadsheet with your customer details (username and password)

This feature guide explains what you and your B2B and B2C customers do to create a WebShop account.

It defines integration points for supported ERP.

Current support

We are constantly extending integration between Aphix Digital Platform and its suite of products and your ERP.

We integrate with Intact V/X-LineIntact iQ and SAP Business One to:

  • automatically create accounts for your customers in WebShop

We currently do not integrate our B2B automatic account creation feature with Sage 200.


Key benefits of your customers having WebShop accounts:

  • Provides a WebShop dashboard that allows your customers to have access to many self-service options, such as viewing online order history, quick ordering features, storing delivery and billing details and more

  • Provides you with insight into what your customers are doing and ordering on WebShop

Allowing your customers to automatically register on your WebShop means that:

  • their contact details are validated against data contained in your ERP

  • data is retrieved from your ERP, resulting in less transcription errors for key details, such as name, billing details and so on.

Introducing terms and concepts used in this article



Enterprise Resource Platform (ERP)

a collection of your critical business operating systems, such as product, stock levels, financial, customers, suppliers and so on that run on the same platform.

B2B customer

a credit customer who has an account on your ERP system.

B2C customer

a cash customer who signs up for a web account on WebShop who has access to some customer self-service options, such as viewing their order history, maintaining a list of favourite products and saving delivery details.

Web service

service that allows two disparate systems communicate with each other via a standard messaging system.

WebShop Instant Account

a WebShop account that is automatically created if it is possible to validate your customer's email address against their details in your ERP.

Web account

a WebShop account that provides you with WebShop functionality, such as viewing online order history, saving carts for future use or save delivery and billing addresses, which is not synchronized with your ERP.


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