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How do I configure a single Can't Buy product?

Purpose and scope

Do you have products in your catalogue that you only want to sell at certain times of the year? Perhaps you have a best-selling product that improves your SEO ranking but which you don’t always have in stock. Our Can’t Buy product feature allows you to display products without sharing stock or pricing information without affecting your SEO rankings. A Can’t Buy product is a placeholder product. This means that while the product is visible in your catalogue, it does not have pricing or stock listed.

This article describes how to configure a single product as a Can’t Buy product.

Key points

We recommend that you read Understanding product administration in WebShop to understand how the import / export spreadsheet feature operates and Understanding Can't Buy products for more information on this feature before following the steps outlined in this guide.

Step by step

Step 1: Log into Management Interface

Log in

Log into Management Interface using your username and password. This opens the dashboard of your Management Interface.

Step 2: Open product administration


Click Catalogue on the left hand menu. This opens Product Administration, from where you can manage your product catalogue.

Step 3: Open product

  • Click Products. This opens a listing of products in your catalogue.

  • Locate the product you wish to update.

  • Click the Edit icon to the right of the product. This opens the product administration tool.

  • Click Product Settings tab.

  • Scroll down to the Can Buy option, and select either Yes or No.

  • Click Save to save your changes.


Remember that changes are immediately visible in WebShop.

Step 5: Verify changes

What do my customers see in WebShop?

Your customers can see the product, but not any stock or pricing information. Your customer is not able to purchase the product when it is configured as a Can’t Buy product.


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