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How do I configure and manage

Discover how to integrate with WebShop so you can share your customer’s reviews easily.

Purpose and scope is a review collection service that helps you to gather and display customer feedback. The integration between and WebShop supports two widget types: the Product Reviews widget and the Product Rating Snippet (Legacy).

This article provides a step by step on how to configure and manage the integration between and WebShop.


  • You can only integrate one product review app with WebShop at any time.

  • The look and feel of the displayed widget may be affected by your WebShop’s page layout.

  • You have an active account.

  • We support wo widget types: the Product Reviews widget and the Product Rating Snippet (Legacy).

  • You must have an active product feed in (see Product Review Setup1 and Product Rating Snippet widget2 for more information on how to set this up in to use the Product Rating Snippet (Legacy) widget.

Step by step


  • You are logged into Aphix Management Interface.

  • You have previously installed the app on WebShop - read How to use the App Store for more information.

Step 1: Open App Store


Click App Store under Configuration on the left side menu. The App Store is displayed.

Step 2: Configure and manage

Configure & manage

Locate the Reviews category in App Store. The apps included in this category are available as part of the standard Digital Commerce product.

Click Settings under the review app you wish to configure and activate.

Data required

Field name



Store ID


Your account is identified by your StoreID. When you share your StoreID, it is used as the link between and WebShop and allows the configuration you set up in to be used in WebShop.

To find your StoreID, create a widget and view the code that is created. The code contains a number of attribute key:value pairs. The StoreID is the value associated with the attribute key called “store”.

Click Activate to complete the integration.

What does my customer see in WebShop?

On product listing page

Once has been activated, a star rating widgets is displayed under each product on the product listing page, as shown:


Remember that you need to have an active product feed in to populate the Product Rating Snippet (Legacy) widget on your WebShop’s product listing and description pages.

An active product feed is not required to integrate the Product Reviews widget into WebShop.

On product page

Once has been activated, star rating and product review widgets are displayed on the product page, as shown:



1 External site: Product Review Setup (

2 External site: Product Rating Snipped Widget (

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