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How do I replace product codes for my products?

Purpose and scope

Key points

Typically, your product catalogue is fully integrated with your ERP. If this is the case, we recommend that you create, update or remove products from your product catalogue in your ERP. Changes made in your ERP are uploaded as part of the scheduled and regular import of your product data.

We recommend that you read Understanding product administration in WebShop to understand how to use the import / export spreadsheet feature.

Each product has a product code (SKU) associated with it, which is its unique identifier. There may be a scenario where you wish to replace existing product codes with new product codes.

The purpose of this article is to provide a step by step guide on how to replace product codes with new ones using our import / export spreadsheet feature. Updating product codes using this method also moves the content associated with the existing product code to the new product code, which means you can have confidence that the product catalogue is not missing important product data once you update the product code.

Step by step

Step 1: Log into Management Interface

Log in

Log into Management Interface using your username and password. This opens the dashboard of your Management Interface.

Step 2: Create a spreadsheet

  • Select Import & Export.

  • Select “click here.” under the Help section. This opens the Swap Product Codes screen.


  • Either manually create a spreadsheet with the old and new product codes or click Sample Spreadsheet to download a sample. The spreadsheet contains two columns as follows:

    • Old Code

    • New Code



  • Do not use the same product code in both cells.

  • Remove or exclude all product codes in the spreadsheet you wish to remain the same.

Step 3: Import spreadsheet

  • When the spreadsheet is ready for import, return to the Swap Product Codes screen in Management Interface.

  • Click Choose File and select the spreadsheet from your file directory.

  • Use the toggle to specify if you wish to remove duplicates.

  • Click Update Catalogue. This replaces existing product codes with the new product codes as defined in your spreadsheet.

Remember that changes are immediately visible in WebShop.

Verify import

What do my customers see in WebShop?

Your customers can see replaced product codes once you have imported your changes.

To verify that the product codes have been updating, check the product’s listing in your WebShop catalogue.


I want to replace a product code of XDX56 to SJXDX56.
  • Create the spreadsheet.

  • Import the spreadsheet using the import / export spreadsheet feature.

  • Verify changes by viewing the listing of this product in WebShop.

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