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Using Favourites Groups in WebShop

Purpose and scope

As a merchant, you want to provide efficient ways for your customers to place orders. Our Favourites feature allows your customers to mark regularly purchased items and have them listed under Favourites in Aphix WebShop. 

Both you and your customers can group their favourite products into different categories by using the Favourites Groups feature. This allows them to filter products in the catalogue by placing products in different groups. For example, you could have a Favourites group called "Shoes" containing all shoe products, and another called "Socks" containing all sock products. This makes it easier for you and your customers to locate products, allowing for quicker and easier order placement.

In Aphix WebShop, your customers can mark products as Favourites, create new Favourites Groups, and add or remove products to a particular Favourites group. Your customers can also add products from their Favourites page directly into their cart.


Log into WebShop

Log in

Log into WebShop with your username and password. This opens Aphix WebShop's dashboard.

Action 1: Add to Favourites


Mark your favourite products as you browse product pages in the product catalogue. Any products that you mark as a Favourite in the product catalogue are added to an unassigned Favourite Group.

Add a product to an existing Favourites group. Any product that you add to a Favourites Group in the product catalogue are added to that Favourite Group.

Action 2: View Favourites


Click Favourites, which is listed on the left sidebar. This opens your Favourites page, where you can view your Favourites and Favourites Groups either as a grid or as a list. Favourite Groups are ordered as follows: named Favourite Groups are listed first followed by the Unassigned group which all products that do not belong to a named group.

Action 3: Manage your Favourites

Add a single Favourites Group

Click Add Group, enter the new group's name and click Save.

Add multiple Favourites Groups
  • Click Export Groups. This downloads a copy of your existing groups in a spreadsheet.

  • Add your new Favourites Group(s) and associated product codes to the end of this spreadsheet using your chosen spreadsheet software.

  • Save your changes.

  • Click Import Groups. This opens a dialog box where you can select the spreadsheet that you wish to import.

  • Click OK. This uploads the new Favourites Groups.

Action 4: Add products to your cart

When your Favourites Groups are displayed as a list

Click Add to Cart to the right of the product you wish to add to your cart.

When your Favourites Groups are displayed as a grid

Click on the group name. This opens a list of all products in the group. Click Add to Cart to add the product to your cart.

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