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How do I configure and manage Google Analytics?

Purpose and scope

The App Store provides access to a set of third party integrations and Premium add-ons that you can configure and manage. This article provides a step by step on how to configure and manage Google Analytics, which is listed in the Add-ons / Third Party section of the App Store.

Introducing terms and concepts used in this article



Google Analytics 4

captures data from different points on your website and app. The data captured is triggered by events (such as View Product or Checkout) which allows you to understand your customer's experience better and make informed decisions in order to improve business efficiency and sales.

Measurement ID

string uniquely identifying a Google Analytics 4 property, it has the format G-XXXXXXX. The Measurement ID encodes what reports and data are captured for your website and/or app.

Step by step


  • You are logged into the Aphix Management Interface.

  • You have previously installed the app on WebShop - read How to use the App Store for more information.

  • You have GA4 installed and have a GA4 tag. If you do not, follow this step by step guide (external site) to obtain a GA4 code.

Step 1: Open App Store


Click App Store under Configuration on the left side menu. The App Store is displayed.

Step 2: Configure and manage

Configure & manage

Locate the third-party add-ons category in App Store. The apps included in this category are available as part of the standard Aphix eCommerce product. Each third party add-on are activated and managed differently.

Click Settings under Google Analytics you wish to configure to see what is required to activate it.

Google Analytics is a service offered by Google that allows you to monitor website traffic on your website and/or app.

To activate it, enter your Measurement ID in the Analytics code field and click Activate.

To update your Measurement ID, replace existing with new information. Click Save to save changes.

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