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Introducing Aphix eCommerce

What is Aphix eCommerce?

Aphix eCommerce is our core product suite, providing real-time access to your ERP, allowing you to manage your business operations. You can select from the different Aphix eCommerce solutions listed depending on your business operations:  

(tick) Aphix eCommerce is an integrated B2B or B2C web portal, known as WebShop, that provides real time access to product, price and stock levels, with the possibility of gated logins, micro-sites and more. 

(tick) Aphix B2B Portal is a secure customer self-service website that allows your customers to order, check stock and manage their account with you.

Both product suites include access to Aphix Management Interface, allowing you to customise and configure your WebShop, as you see fit.

As standard, we integrate with SAP Business One, Intact iQ and Sage 200 ERPs.

Aphix eCommerce is a SaaS product

Aphix WebShop and Aphix Management Interface are both SaaS products. This means that support, regular feature updates and security monitoring are all included so that no customer is left behind on older, insecure software and you can concentrate on your core business function. Or you can opt for some additional professional services to help you with your migration and roll-out.

Why should I use Aphix eCommerce?

Aphix B2B eCommerce, Aphix B2C eCommerce and Aphix B2B Portal are designed to help you Sell Smarter! This means that your customers can review or place orders wherever or whenever they wish to. Its key features are:

Account management: Manage your prices and products centrally from your ERP. These are updated in WebShop in real time.

Seamless logins: With a WebShop account, your customer's have automatic access to their order history, transactions, favourites, WebShop shopping cart and more.

Centralised product catalogue: Manage your product catalogue in your ERP. This is imported regularly into WebShop. 

Order management: Numerous options for customers to search for products and place orders. Within WebShop, they can search by recently ordered products, by browsing the category tree, by using products marked as Favourites, by using filters or by using the search facility.

Order processing: The shopping cart is saved within your customer's account, which let your customers start an order at one time and finish it at a later time. Depending on how you configure WebShop, your customers can select to pay by credit using a PO to place an order, pay by credit or debit card using a PCI compliant payment gateway. We integrate with a large number of payment gateway providers.

Content management: Use Pages, our content management system to tailor your WebShop so your brand shines through. Add or modify banners or latest news. Update your contact details.

What features are included as standard in Aphix eCommerce?
Aphix eCommerce comes with a host of standard features. Click here for a full list of standard features.
What does WebShop look like?

Think of Aphix WebShop as your electronic store window. 

It consists of four main elements - top and side menu bars, main content body and a footer. It contains your product catalogue, provides customer account functionality, allows your customers to place orders in real-time into your ERP and more.

What does Management Interface look like?

Aphix Management Interface is a configuration tool that allows you to manage your Aphix WebShop's content, products, orders customers and other settings.

It consists of three main elements - a top menu, side menu bar  and a main content body. It provides you with options that allows you to add content to WebShop and configure your WebShop options so it operates in a way that suit your business processes.

A detailed description of its screen layout is found here.

Is Aphix WebShop mobile friendly?

Yes, Aphix WebShop uses state of the art cutting edge technology and is fully mobile responsive on many screen sizes and devices.

Sounds exactly like what I need to Sell Smarter! How can I get my hands on it?

Contact sales or support to begin your Aphix eCommerce journey!

I am a retail customer. Can I use WebShop?

It depends! If the company you wish to purchase products from have deployed a B2C WebShop, then you can use their WebShop to purchase products.

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