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Product price display

Purpose and scope

By default, unit prices are displayed to two decimal points in Aphix WebShop. You may have your unit prices configured in your ERP to a greater number of decimal points than that. Now, you can import and display these unit prices in WebShop.

Key points

  • Enabling this feature changes the formatting of the product unit prices in WebShop.

  • It does not change any pricing calculations that are carried out.

  • It does not change the number of decimal points displayed in other parts of WebShop, such as is the pricing summary shown in the cart.

The purpose of this feature guide is to explain how to set this feature up and how it is displayed in WebShop.

This optional feature is available as an add-on or customisation. Contact us for more information.


The key benefit is that you can import and display very specific pricing without modifying how any pricing calculations are carried out.

Step by step

Step 1: Contact us

Contact us to switch this feature on

Contact us to let us know that you wish to use this feature.

We'll make the necessary changes to your configuration to switch this feature on, and set the number of decimal places you wish to configure your prices to.

What does my customer see in Aphix WebShop?


Once the feature has been switched on and configured, your customers see prices to the desired number of decimal points.

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