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Quick order in Aphix WebShop

Purpose and scope

The Quick Order feature provides functionality to quickly create a list of products to purchase, and to add that list to the cart at the same time.

This article explains how to use Quick Order.

Key points

  • Quick order is available for use on desktop and tablets.

  • It is not currently available for use on mobile devices.


The key benefit to using Quick Order is that is provides a fast and convenient way to create an order, especially if you know the product codes of what you wish to purchase.


Where do my customer field the Quick Order button?

Customer view

Click Quick Order, located on the top navigation bar.

This opens the Quick Order dialog box.

How do my customers add products using Quick Order?

  • Click Quick Order to open the Quick Order dialog box.

  • Enter either the product code (SKU) to directly locate a product, or a product keyword to search for a product. 

    • Some of your products have quantity breaks associated with them; if such products are added using Quick Order, the standard unit price is retrieved and displayed in the Unit Price field. However, the correct price for the quantity ordered is applied when the order is added to the cart and the order is placed.

  • After selecting the product, the Unit Price and Stock columns are automatically populated with the latest real-time price for the selected product.

  • Click Add to Cart. This adds the selected products to the cart, and opens the Checkout screen. 

    • If you are working on a desktop, press Tab to add another product row to your Quick Order.
    • If you are working on a desktop, press Tab to select the Quantity box if a product with options and the specific option requested have both been selected.
    • If a product is already in an order and your customer attempts to add it again, a message pops up indicating this.

How do my customers remove items from their order?

  1. Click Quick Order to open the Quick Order dialog box.

  2. Click X beside the product you wish to remove. This removes the product.

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