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Using favourites and favourites groups

Purpose and scope

As a merchant, you want to provide efficient ways for your customers to place orders. Our Favourites feature allows your customers to mark regularly purchased items and have them listed under Favourites in Aphix WebShop. 

Both you and your customers can group their Favourites products into different categories by using the Grouped Favourites feature. This allows them to filter products in the catalogue by placing products in different groups. For example, you could have a Favourites group called "Shoes" containing all shoe products, and another called "Socks" containing all sock products. This makes it easier for you and your customers to locate products, allowing for quicker and easier order placement.

In Aphix Management Interface, you can view, create, edit and manage Favourites Groups. Additionally, you can lock or unlock Favourites Groups, which determines whether your customers can modify the Favourites Groups that you manage.

In Aphix WebShop, your customers can mark products as Favourites, create new Favourites Groups, and add or remove to a particular Favourites group.

This feature explains how to use this feature, from both customer and merchant perspectives.


Key benefits are:

  • Easier and more efficient way of locating products. This feature allows your customers filter their products into a series of different favorite categories. 

  • Retain control over Favourites groups. You can lock any group, which means that your customers can not remove products from a particular category.


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