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Aphix eCommerce frequently asked questions

Getting started

You are interested in finding out more about Aphix eCommerce. You've come to the right place. This section teaches you the basics and lets you get moving fast!

What is Aphix eCommerce?

Aphix eCommerce is our core product suite, providing real-time access to your ERP, allowing you to manage your business operations. You can select from the different Aphix eCommerce solutions listed depending on your business operations:  

(tick) Aphix eCommerce is an integrated B2B or B2C web portal, known as WebShop, that provides real time access to product, price and stock levels, with the possibility of gated logins, micro-sites and more. 

(tick) Aphix B2B Portal is a secure customer self-service website that allows your customers to order, check stock and manage their account with you.

Both product suites include access to Aphix Management Interface, allowing you to customise and configure your WebShop, as you see fit.

As standard, we integrate with SAP Business One, Intact iQ and Sage 200 ERPs.

Aphix eCommerce is a SaaS product

Aphix WebShop and Aphix Management Interface are both SaaS products. This means that support, regular feature updates and security monitoring are all included so that no customer is left behind on older, insecure software and you can concentrate on your core business function. Or you can opt for some additional professional services to help you with your migration and roll-out.

What is Aphix Management Interface?

Aphix Management Interface is an online configuration tool that allows you to manage your Aphix WebShop’s content, products, orders, customers and other settings.

Why should I use Aphix eCommerce?

Aphix B2B eCommerce, Aphix B2C eCommerce and Aphix B2B Portal are designed to help you Sell Smarter! This means that your customers can review or place orders wherever or whenever they wish to. Its key features are:

Account management: Manage your prices and products centrally from your ERP. These are updated in WebShop in real time.

Seamless logins: With a WebShop account, your customer's have automatic access to their order history, transactions, favourites, WebShop shopping cart and more.

Centralised product catalogue: Manage your product catalogue in your ERP. This is imported regularly into WebShop. 

Order management: Numerous options for customers to search for products and place orders. Within WebShop, they can search by recently ordered products, by browsing the category tree, by using products marked as Favourites, by using filters or by using the search facility.

Order processing: The shopping cart is saved within your customer's account, which let your customers start an order at one time and finish it at a later time. Depending on how you configure WebShop, your customers can select to pay by credit using a PO to place an order, pay by credit or debit card using a PCI compliant payment gateway. We integrate with a large number of payment gateway providers.

Content management: Use Pages, our content management system to tailor your WebShop so your brand shines through. Add or modify banners or latest news. Update your contact details.

What features are included as standard for Aphix eCommerce?
Aphix eCommerce comes with a host of standard features. Click here for a full list of standard features.

ERP Integration

Aphix WebShop is fully integrated with your ERP, allowing you to get the benefits of real-time product, pricing and stock level information and more. This section answers questions about how WebShop and Management Interface with your ERP.

What ERPs does WebShop integrate with?

The Aphix Digital Platform connects to your ERP through a set of web services, which are deployed on the same server as your ERP. Aphix WebShop can integrate with the following ERPs through this web service:

  • SAP Business One

  • Intact xLine/vLine, Intact iq and HarmoniQ

  • Sage 200 and Sage X3 (EM)

Read our feature guide on Aphix Digital Platform and your ERP for more information.

One of my customers has placed an order on WebShop. What happens to it?

Once your customer checkouts the order, the prices are re-calculated in real-time. Your customer selects shipping and billing contact details. Shipping charges are added as required. The order is automatically placed into your ERP; reducing duplication of work and transcription errors.

Content management

Does Aphix WebShop have a content management system?

Yes, our content management system (CMS) is called Pages. All content is created, edited and deleted in Aphix Management Interface. Many options and functionality is available in Pages, including features that improve your search engine optimisation, set permissions for different customer groups and customise the look and feel of Aphix WebShop.

Customer self-service

Here are some questions and answers about what your customers can do on your WebShop.

Can customers create their own account?

Yes, customers can easily create their own account in a matter of seconds. Here, they can add shipping addresses and payment details making it quick and easy to place orders.

Is there a guest cart for new customers?

Yes, you can configure WebShop so that your customers can choose to checkout as guests.

What account information can customers view?

Customers can view their account history, recently ordered products, statements, order lists, favourites, saved delivery addresses and more.

Sales order processing

Can customers order at any time?

Yes, customers can order 24/7, 365 days a year. They can place orders from anywhere in the world as long as they are connected to the Internet.

Does Aphix WebShop support customer-specific pricing?

Yes, WebShop supports live trade customer-specific pricing directly from your ERP as well as retail pricing

Are discounts and promotions supported?

Yes, you can set up and manage discounts and promotions, such as web-only coupons, vouchers, discounts, multi-buy offers and special offers.

Does Aphix WebShop support price breaks?

Yes, you can offer your customers price breaks, volume discounts and period discounts based on stock data in your ERP.

Catalogue, search and filter

How is my product catalogue displayed in WebShop?

Your product catalogue is displayed as a list of categories, typically located as a left menu in WebShop. In WebShop, products can be viewed in grid, list or detailed formats. Typically, pricing and stock details are retrieved in real-time from your ERP.

Your product catalogue is managed in your ERP, and imported regularly into WebShop. You can also manage products in Aphix Management Interface. In Aphix Management Interface, product details are displayed in a content area to the right of the menu bar.

How does search work in WebShop?

When you enter a search term in WebShop’s search bar, results are found based on product name, product code (SKU) and keywords.

Can I set up filters on my product catalogue?

Yes, you can create powerful dynamic filters to help your customers locate the products they require quickly and easily. Typically, filters are based on the current category your customer is in. Once selected, only products that fit the chosen filter are displayed. You can set filters up on both product options and sub-categories.

Product configuration

What kind of product configurations are available?

You can have different product configurations such as product variants, multiple product images, product specifications, related products, product downloads and more.

Integrating with payment gateways and other external tools

We integrate with many other platforms and tools, allowing you to further extend WebShop's functionality. Here's some questions and answers you may have.

What is a payment gateway?

A payment gateway is a service that allows you to accept and authorise credit or debit card payments securely. It provides an additional payment method to your customers, and is a safe and secure way of processing debit and credit card payments. Here’s our full list of supported payment gateways.

Can I integrate more than one payment gateway with WebShop?

Yes, you can.

If you are an existing customer, contact Aphix Support and they will explain the options and additional charges.

If you are a new customer, talk to your Implementation Consultant who will provide you with helpful advice

What other platforms or tools do you integrate with?

Integrate with many different external tools, which enhance the functionality of your WebShop and improves efficiency in your business processes. WebShops can be integrated with:

  • Search engine optimization tools, such as Google analytics and HotJar

  • Communications and marketing tools, such as MailChimp, Campaign Monitor,, LiveChat, Feefo and Intercom

  • Form building tools, such as Wufoo

  • Social media platforms, such as Flockler, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram and LinkedIn

  • Production error logging and reporting, such as Tools Notify Log, DataDog, Sentry and Uptime Robot

  • Tax calculation software, such as Avalara

  • Miscellaneous tools, such as cookie-script and Shopify

Key points

  • Third party tool provides may require you to have a subscription plan with them before you can integrate with Aphix WebShop.

  • Contact us to find out about integrating these tools, since some are free and some have a cost associated with integrating them with WebShop.


Want to showcase your WebShop internationally? Here's some answers to some questions you may have about our internationalization features we support.

What languages can WebShop be translated into?

Aphix WebShop supports five languages: English (UK), Dutch (Netherlands), French, German and Spanish.

Can I display my products in different currencies?


For trade customers, prices are displayed in the currency which has been retrieved from their account in your ERP.

For retail customers, one currency is set as the default in your B2C WebShop. Multiple currencies are supported; although you need a separate web account for each currency you wish to support.

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