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Creating and accessing product pages using a short link in Aphix WebShop

Purpose and scope

Do you want to share information in your WebShop product catalogue with your customers but you find that the WebShop URL is unknown, unwieldly or too long? URL shortening is a process by which a long web address or URL is shortened to allow it to be used more easily. You can do this with any product contained in WebShop.

The purpose of this article is to explain how to create short links to your products. It lists rules and limitations applied when using product short links.


The key benefit is that you can more easily share links to your products with your customers.

Introducing terms and concepts used in this article



Product code or SKU

the unique code for the product.

Product option

a variation of a particular product, which the customer can select when they purchase the product; for example, a pair of shoes could have 5 size options and 4 colour options.

Short link

a web address or URL that has been shortened to allow for quicker, easier access to a particular webpage. 

URL shortening

a process by which a long URL is shortened to allow for ease of use. 

Visible product

a product whose status is set to Visible, which means that the product can be viewed and purchased by your customers.

How do I construct a short link?

To construct a short link,

  • for an Aphix WebShop product for a simple product, use http://<your-domain>/p/<product-code>

  • for an Aphix WebShop product for a product image: use http://<your-domain>/p/<product-code>/image{N} where N is the product image number and can be 1, 2, 3 or 4

Key points

  • These short links are available for products in Aphix WebShop.

  • Only visible products can be viewed using a short link.

  • You must have a simple product configured with the same product code in order to view a product option image.

  • All images are resized to have a maximum width of 500px.

What does my customer see in WebShop when they use an Aphix WebShop short link?

Example 1 - short link to an Aphix WebShop product


The original URL for this product in Aphix WebShop is https://<YOUR-DOMAIN>/products/levi-s-women-s-short-sleeve-t-shirt.html?name=tw4&type=simple

The short link for this product is https://<YOUR-DOMAIN>/p/TW4

Example 2 - short link to Aphix WebShop product images


This sample product from our demo site has two images, as seen on the product page in WebShop: https://<your-domain>/products/htc-vive-pro-enterprise.html or https://<your-domain>/p/1500F.

The short links for the two images are:

The short link to the image is re-directed to the exact location for that image and the image is displayed.

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