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How do I configure and manage Avalara AvaTax?

Purpose and scope

The App Store provides access to a set of third party integrations and Premium add-ons that you can configure and manage. This article provides a step by step on how to configure and manage Avalara AvaTax, which is listed in the Add-ons / Third Party section of the App Store.

Step by step


  • You are logged into the Aphix Management Interface.

  • You have previously installed the app on WebShop - read How to use the App Store for more information.

  • You already have an Avalara account set up with the relevant data uploaded. If you do not, contact our support team who can introduce you to our contact in Avalara who can help you set it up.

Step 1: Open App Store


Click App Store under Configuration on the left side menu. The App Store is displayed.

Step 2: Configure and manage

Configure & manage
  • Locate the third-party add-ons category in App Store. The apps included in this category are available as part of the standard Aphix eCommerce product. Each third party add-on are activated and managed differently.

  • Click Settings under Avalara to see what is required to activate it.

Avalara AvaTax is tax calculation software used to calculate tax owed on products sold. It is a cloud-based software that regularly applies updated rates based on location, legislation, tax regulations, item taxability and more. Our integration with AvaTax provides your customers a seamless checkout process, with relevant sales tax applied to their carts.

Data required

Field name





Specifies the environment that you wish to set up. Options available:

  • Sandbox

  • Production

Account number


Avalara account number. Read how to find your account number in the Avalara Knowledge Center1

License key


Avalara license key. Read about license keys on the Avalara Knowledge Center2

Tax mode


Specifies how you wish the integration operates. Options available:

  • Calculate, which means that tax is calculated, and result is returned to WebShop

  • Calculate and commit, which means that tax is calculated, result is recorded in Avalara and returned to WebShop

Company code


Prior to setting up the integration between WebShop and AvaTax, you must have a company profile created in AvaTax. You can either use the default code generated in AvaTax or specify your own. Find out more information on creating a basic company profile in the Avalara Knowledge Center3

Company code that has been assigned in AvaTax as part of your Avalara company profile. You can include as many company codes as you wish, separated by a space.

Freight tax code


Specifies the tax classification for freight / shipping.

If included, this specifies the tax classification for shipping items.

  • Click Test connection to verify that the link operates correctly.

  • Click Install to complete installation of the web service between Avalara and WebShop. Once the Avalara app has been installed, you have visibility of the Tax Codes screen in Management Interface, which you can use to configure your product tax codes.

  • Click Activate. This activates the web service between Avalara and WebShop and means that during checkout, AvaTax acts as the tax calculations engine during checkout for transactions made in the United States of America (USA) and Canada.

More information


Note that we do not have any control over the content of external sites.

1 External site: Avalara Knowledge Center (Your account)

2 External site: Avalara Knowledge Center (License Keys)

3 External site: Avalara Knowledge Center (Create a basic company profile)

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