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How do I or my B2B customers auto-register an Aphix WebShop Instant Account?

Purpose and scope

Current support

We are constantly extending integration between Aphix Digital Platform and its suite of products and your ERP.

We integrate with Intact V/X-LineIntact iQ and SAP Business One to:

  • automatically create accounts for your customers in WebShop

We currently do not integrate our B2B automatic account creation feature with Sage 200.

A WebShop Instant Account is an account that can be automatically registered or created if you can validate your customer’s email address against their email address held in your ERP. We provide two ways of creating or registering accounts for B2B / trade customers who have valid email addresses in your ERP.

  • Your customers can register or create an account following an account registration process on Aphix WebShop,

  • Manually create it for them in Aphix Management Interface.

This article provides a step by step guide for both account registration / creation options.

Key points

  • In order to protect your customer information, a WebShop Instant Account can never be automatically created using your B2C cash account.

  • Further exclude other customers from automatically creating a WebShop Instant Account by adding a comma-separated list of customer account codes to your configuration. Contact us for more information.

Introducing terms and concepts used in this article 



Enterprise Resource Platform (ERP)

a collection of your critical business operating systems, such as product, stock levels, financial, customers, suppliers and so on that run on the same platform.

B2B customer

a credit customer who has an account on your ERP system.

B2C customer

a cash customer who signs up for a web account on WebShop who has access to some customer self-service options, such as viewing their order history, maintaining a list of favourite products and saving delivery details.

Web service

service that allows two disparate systems communicate with each other via a standard messaging system.

WebShop Instant Account

a WebShop account that is automatically created if it is possible to validate your customer's email address against their details in your ERP.

Account set up

As a customer

Customer setup

For your B2B customers, they:

  1. Open Aphix WebShop and are prompted to sign up by entering their existing email address. Alternatively, they can select Login / Register to create a WebShop Account.

  2. Enter their email address. This email address is validated against contact details in your ERP.

    • Note that you must have a Google account and pay for captcha to accept and validate email addresses. Contact us for more details on this step.

  3. If a match is found, then an email is sent to the customer to verify their account. 

  4. They are asked to input a password to secure their WebShop Instant Account.

Key points

  • Once your customer has signed up for a WebShop Instant Account, you receive a notification that they have set up an account on your WebShop.

As a merchant (you)

Merchant setup

You can create WebShop accounts manually for your customers, as follows:

  • Log into Aphix Management Interface.

  • Click Customers from ERP under Customers on the side menu. This opens a list of your ERP / trade customers.

  • Click New Login on the top right.

  • Enter your customer details and click Save

  • Click Customer from ERP. This opens a list of all your ERP/trade customers. 

  • Locate the customer via their customer code. The status of the account is set to Inactive if the customer does not have an Aphix WebShop Instant Account registered or set up.

  • Click Edit to the right of the relevant customer.

  • Add in the customer's email address, password, set the customer type to B2B and set the status to Active.

  • Click Permissions, and set the permissions for the customer according to your requirements.

  • Click Save. This saves and validates the details against the customer's account in your ERP. If valid, the WebShop Instant Account is created and active for your customer immediately.


Your customer's account is verified against the ERP contact each time they log in to verify its accuracy.

Re-verifying their account

If your customer attempts to log in after three months of inactive use (the customer has not logged in or used WebShop in over three months), they are required to re-verify their account. 

To re-verify their account, an email is sent to their email address containing a link that they must click to verify account ownership. 

Key points

  • An email verification is only triggered once the customer attempts to log in after three months. It is not an automatic time-based process.

  • Your customers password does not need to be reset.

  • Your customer's account status remains as "Expired" until they have re-verified their account. 

Multiple accounts on a single login

In certain cases, you may have a single email address but multiple contacts against multiple accounts in your ERP. Each contact can create an individual WebShop Instant Account. Each account has its own login and is contained within the Aphix Digital Platform by its own session. This means that each login can have a different active cart and different favourites (products).

However, you may wish to assign one or more of these customers as Admin of WebShop. Provided these WebShop admins are in the same customer group, they can:

  • switch between accounts using a drop-down box of logins that they have permission to access

  • view order history, statements and credit limits

Storing and retrieving data

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