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Step by step

Confirm order details

The order confirmation screen lists order details, delivery details and provides payment options.

Select payment method

Your customers may have options on how they wish to pay for their order depending on how you have configured WebShop:

  • Order on credit - the cost of the order is set against a credit limit that is retrieved from your ERP.

  • Pay by credit or debit card using your integrated payment gateway.

  • Request a quote for this order - read more about how quotes are managed.

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Place order

Once your customer has reviewed their order, selected a payment method and ticked acceptance of the terms and conditions, they click


This places the order in real-time into your ERP.

Key points

  • Order totals, which may include shipping charges and appropriate taxes are calculated in real-time.

  • The net total, sales tax total and gross total are displayed on the Confirm Order Details screen.

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