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Screen layout: Pages


The Pages screen displays a navigational tree of your existing WebShop pages.

Introducing terms and concepts used in this article



Navigational tree

file directory that contains WebShop content consisting of branches and node.


a specific piece of text or particular image stored in the node location of the navigational tree.

How it fits together

The Pages option displays a navigational tree of your existing WebShop pages. Create a new page or manage existing pages.

Actions available

  1. From the ‘With Selected’ dropdown menu. you can

    • Publish or Unpublish a subset of pages

    • Show or hide a subset of pages

    • Duplicate a subset of pages

    • Delete a subset of pages

  2. Change the language that your Aphix WebShop is displayed in. Only visible if you have configured multiple languages.

  3. Quickly open frequently used pages from a pre-configured drop-down menu of frequently used pages. [This menu is configured during implementation].

  4. Search for a specific page by title

  5. Edit a specific page.

Read our feature guide on our Content Management System, Pages for more information.

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