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Screen layout: Tools


The Tools screen provides wizards and links that guide you through integration with external tools that extend the functionality of your Aphix WebShop.  integrate with and configure external tools. For example, you may wish to automate workflow to capture customer data when the request information about price on application products. Integrating Wufoo with Aphix allows you to use branded forms created on Wufoo and displayed seamlessly in Aphix WebShop.

How it fits together

The Tools screen gives you access to a number of integration wizards that help you integrate with external tools.

By default, the Google Shopping integration wizards is displayed when you select Tools. Currently, the tools we provide integration wizards for are:

Google Shopping

Google Shopping is a service that allows you to search for, view and compare products. When integrated with Aphix WebShop, Google shopping ads that are displayed following a product search are directly to your Aphix WebShop product catalogue. This streamlines your order placing process, shares up to date, accurate real time stock and pricing data direct from your ERP via Aphix. Click to find out more about Integrating Google Shopping with Aphix WebShop.


Klaviyo is a platform that allows you to automate and streamline email marketing campaigns. When integrated with Aphix WebShop, your customer data and product catalogue are synced with Klaviyo allowing you to create data-driven marketing campaigns. Click to find out more about Integrating Klaviyo with Aphix WebShop.

Wufoo Forms

Wufoo (by SurveyMonkey) is an online form builder, which allows you to collect data and to automate your workflow. You can integrate a Wufoo form directly into your WebShop, making it easier and more efficient to gather information and automate your eCommerce processes. Click to find out more about Integrating Wufoo forms with Aphix WebShop.

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