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To set out the third-party or sub-processors that we use to process and store your and your customer's data and to run our websites. 

Terms used in this article



Third-party, Sub-processor

a natural or legal person, public authority, agency or body other than the data subject, controller, processor and persons who, under the direct authority of the controller or processor, are authorised to process personal data.1

Due diligence

To run an efficient service, we must engage with other third-party hardware and software suppliers. Prior to engaging with any third-party or sub-processor, we verify that they are compliant with data protection legislation.

The list outlines a list of sub-processors that we engage with, and a link to their Privacy Policy.

List of sub-processors



Link to their privacy policy

Hosting services

Amazon Web Services

To host your data

AWS GDPR information


To host your data

Dediserve Privacy policy

Data analytics


To provide insights into how you use our products so we can improve them in the future

Datadog GDPR information


To provide insights into how you use our products so we can improve them in the future

Heap Privacy policy


To provide insights into how you use our products so we can improve them in the future

Hotjar Privacy policy

Support and project management 


To provide support

Zendesk Privacy and data protection


To provide support

Atlassian GDPR information


To provide support

To manage your product implementation 

Teamwork GDPR information

Google Analytics

To support auditing and compliance

Google GDPR information

Sales and marketing


To manage our relationship with you

AgileCRM Privacy policy


To send product updates with you

MailChimp Privacy policy


To track which customers are visiting our website

CANDDi Privacy policy


To obtain your digital signature when we need it for quotes, proposals, product acceptance or support  

Qwillr Privacy policy


To support inbound marketing 

HubSpot Privacy policy



To manage accounting and financials

Xero Privacy notice

Links to other online services

Aphix Software products have functionality that allow you, as the Merchant, to integrate external tools/services into its software, which makes it easier and more efficient for your customers to use this service. Some examples of these tools include Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Wufoo forms and your payment gateway integration partner. In the context of GDPR, you are considered the Data Controller for these tools/services since they have been provided directly to you. Furthermore, these tools/services are considered to be the Data Processor for the service they provide to you.

Contact them directly to discuss the controller-processor relationship you have with them.

Find out more

For more information on Aphix Software's privacy practices, please visit our Privacy Policy. Contact us if you have any questions about this page.

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