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Uniform Management

Aphix Uniform Management is a secure online eProcurement system that allows you to accelerate the process of ordering and reordering sets or packs of apparel and products within large organisations. Real-time ERP access to product, pricing and stock availability. Orders are placed in real-time into your ERP.

Built on top of Aphix Digital Platform, and integrated with both Aphix WebShop and your ERP, it comes packed with many feature sets offering you an array of functionality. As standard, we support integration with SAP Business One, Intact iQ and Sage 200 ERPs.

Aphix Uniform Management is a SaaS product. This means it includes support, regular feature updates, bug fixes and security monitoring so you are not left behind on older, insecure software.

Introducing terms and concepts used in this article



Enterprise resource platform (ERP)

a collection of your critical business operating systems, such as product, stock levels, financial, customers, suppliers and so on that run on the same platform.

Employee (user)

person who uses Aphix WebShop to order kit as required by their organisation.


a named entity that contains a title, period, limit type and a limit value (if application) which is used as a placeholder for a number of kits.


a list of products that can be ordered together.

Kit manager

the Uniform Management system administrator.

Employee profile

contains personal details (including their name, role, employee number, departments they belong to and more), kits that they have permission to order and an information about orders that they have placed

UMS templates

In this context, a template is a standard list of products and limits, which you can use use and re-use when you are creating kits.

Feature list

As standard, Aphix Uniform Management offers you the following features:

Account management

  • Create and manage a Kit manager account

  • Create and manage user profile(s)

  • Create, manage and edit user group(s)

  • Control access with different permission levels, depending on user tasks

Product configuration

  • Create UMS templates

  • Create and manage kits

  • Assign users to specific kits

  • Limit each user account by item, amount spent or period

Sales order processing

  • Quick order in Aphix WebShop

  • Implement an order approval process

Shipping and delivery

  • Use our Shipping Services feature to set up delivery options

  • Give your customers or employees the option of collecting their products in-store, and provide a list of your store locations using Store Locator.


  • Generate, view and export reports on items, orders and spend limits

  • View transaction log per employee

  • Track changes made to kits

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