Feature list  

Products require configuration, and here's the list of features we offer to support product configuration:

  • Show multiple product images
  • Includes product options
  • Display pack sizes
  • Display special offers

What's standard in Aphix SalesRep?

FeatureAphix SalesRepKey points on integration
Show multiple product images(tick)
Include product options(tick)
Display pack sizes(tick)
Display special offers(tick)

More detail

Multiple product images

Display a maximum of 4 images per product. Additionally, one image can be displayed for each option that a product has. Product images can be easily managed through the Aphix Management Interface.

Product options and pack sizes

Both product options and product pack sizes can be imported and displayed.

A product option is a variation of a particular product, which the customer can choose when they buy the product. The product options are displayed on the product details screen,  For example, a pair of shoes could have 5 size options and 4 colour options.

A product pack size contains the number of items within one pack of a product. The product pack size is displayed on the product details screen, in search results and in your cart. For example, one box (pack) of chocolate bars could contain 36 bars.

Display special offers

Display special offers on the product details screen in your product catalogue.