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Our barcode scanner:

  • Allows your customers to scan barcodes to find and order products quickly and easily
  • Available on both Android and iOS versions
  • Supports many barcode types including EAN (International Article Number), UPC (universal product code) and QR code. 

This is a configurable option.

What's standard in Aphix SalesRep?

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Barcode scanner(tick)

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Supported barcode types

A barcode is a symbology (or encrypted terminology) that contains information about a particular item; in this case, it contains information about your many different products. There are many different barcode types - each type having different pros and cons.

Aphix supports the following barcode types:

Both Android and iOs


QR Code

Quick Response

Data matrix

2D barcode that can contain a large quantity of information


Universal Product Code


Universal Product Code


International Article Code

EAN 13

International Article Code

Code 128

Compact code based on ASCII with a switching setting that means it can be optimized for barcode length

Code 39

Discrete, self-checking, variable length code


14 digit bar code that uses the “Interleaved 2 of 5” barcode symbology

Android only
Code 93Alphanumeric, numeric variable barcode length; an extension of Code 39
CodabarLinear barcode symbology
RSS14Abbreviated from Reduced Space Symbols. This barcode symbology encodes 14 digits and can be scanned omni-directionally.
PDF417Stacked limear 2D barcode type
RSS ExpandedAbbreviated from Reduced Space Symbols. This barcode symbology can encode 74 numeric or 41 alphabetic characters. It can be scanned omni-directionally.