Feature list  

Aphix SalesRep has a number of features that supports customer account management. We support:

  • Secure login - username and password required to access functionality
  • Keeps a copy of a customer's favourites and other configurations within Aphix Digital Platform, which can be restored to the customer's account when they log in again.

What's standard in Aphix SalesRep?

FeatureAphix SalesRepKey points on integration
Username and password is required to access SalesRep functionality.(tick)
Keep a copy of a user's favourites and other configuration options within Aphix Digital Platform, which can be restored to the user's account when they log in again.(tick)

More detail


As a SalesRep user, you need a login and password, which you can get from your merchant.

When you login, it takes some time to sync your account since a certain amount of data is downloaded so you have a local copy of product, prices and categories. This allows you to work offline if you lose your Internet connection for any reason.

We store Favourites remotely. If you logout, your Favourites are retained for when you return.


You can logout at any time. Any open orders that have not yet been placed into your ERP are deleted when your users logout.


Your sales team do not logout since it takes time to set up and sync data on their tablets.