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How do back-ups work in Aphix?


To outline how we manage back-ups in Aphix.

More information

We have procedures and processes in place in the event of a critical failure of our platform.

As part of your Service Level Agreement with us, Aphix maintains a nightly backup of all data and services. Data and services are kept for 30 days. Backups are encrypted and stored on Amazon web server. Only authorized employees have permission to access client backup data.

Key points

  • Should there be a system outage that we accept is our responsibility, there is no charge to restoring the latest backup of data.

  • Data requests to restore data for any reason other than a critical failure of our platform may incur additional fees. For example, should you wish to rollback your catalogue for your own business reasons, a fee would be agreed with you prior to us carrying out the requested task.

Key points

  • We have procedures and processes in place to deal with system outages, and back-ups.

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