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How do I apply a minimum order value on my customer's orders?


To explain how to apply a minimum order value on my customer's orders.

More information

The minimum order value applies to the overall total of the order. When set, the minimum order value works regardless of which ERP you have integrated with.

How it works

Step 1: Log into Management Interface

Log in

Log into Management Interface using your username and password. This opens the dashboard of your Management Interface.

Step 2: Open Settings

  • Click Settings in the left menu. This opens the Settings screen.

  • Either navigate the file directory to Features → Cart or search for "minimum" to locate this setting using the search facility.

  • Enter the minimum order value in the field provided. Your changes are immediately applied to your WebShop.


What does my customer see on WebShop?


If your customers attempt to checkout without reaching the minimum order value, an error appears in two locations on the Cart page, as shown.

By default, products that are labelled as ‘special’ are not included when calculating the minimum cart value. Contact our support team to enable a feature that includes all products, including those labelled as ‘special’ in this calculation. Read How do I include 'special' products in a minimum cart value? for more information.

Key points

  • Specify a minimum order value for your customers. 

  • A rule is applied when your customer checks out to validate that the minimum order value has been met.

  • A message is displayed to let your customer know if the minimum order value has not be met.

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