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How do I approve an order in Aphix WebShop?


To explain why and how to approve orders in Aphix WebShop.

More information

As a merchant, you may want to control how and when orders are placed into your ERP. Some potentials reasons may be:

  • to check the order's accuracy prior to placing the order

  • to manually manage stock allocation or credit control for certain customer

  • to allow your customer's to manage their internal order approval processes


You have already configured customer accounts whose orders you wish to verify prior to approving.

In particular, you must set up an un-approved orders manager whose role is to manage the approval of orders. Read our step by step guide on How do I set up the order approval feature? for more information. Step 4 outlines how to assign permissions for a person to become an un-approved orders manager.

Note: An un-approved orders manager must also be an Admin user, so make sure that Admin user is also set to Yes.

How it works

Step 1: Log into Aphix WebShop

Log in

Log into WebShop with your username and password. This opens Aphix WebShop's dashboard.

Step 2: Open Unapproved Orders

Open, view and approve
  • Click on Unapproved Orders in left menu to open the list of unapproved orders.

  • View and / or approve each order in the displayed list.

Read our feature guide on Approving Orders for more information. 

Key points

  • Create an "Unapproved order manager" role in Aphix Management Interface, who manages the list. This role must be an Admin user.

  • Set up customers whose orders you wish to send for approval before placing the order in your ERP.

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