To recommend best practice in relation to how to use special characters in account and product codes.

Introducing terms and concepts used in this article



Account code

unique alphanumeric code that identifies a merchant.

Product code

the unique code for the product.

Special characters we recommend you do not use




















Key points

  • It is likely that using any of the special characters listed in account or product codes will result in unexpected behaviour. Unexpected behaviour may be that your account or product codes are displayed incorrectly; for example an account code B&Q may display as B&amp;Q. In turn, this account code (B&amp;Q) may not match the account code (B&Q) in your ERP, which could result in further unexpected behaviour.

  • Any '=' used in product codes will be mapped and can be used in account and product codes.

  • Any leading zeros in product codes will be included when products are exported.