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August 2020

 ERP updates

We’ve been working hard on improving and extending ERP coverage, and this month we’ve got the following updates to share with you.

Intact iQ

You told us there was an issue with the mapping of delivery methods for courier deliveries. Within Intact iQ, two fields specify the delivery methods:

  • SalesOrder.DeliveryMethod specifies what the delivery method is for an entire order

  • SalesOrder.Line.D_DeliveryMethod specifies what the delivery method is for a line item where there are different delivery methods selected for different line items

For both, the options available are Collection, Courier, Delivery, Direct, Mixed and Post.

We’ve fixed the mapping for both of these fields, so your delivery methods are recorded accurately.

SAP Business One

We have extended the integration functionality between Aphix Digital Platform and SAP Business One to provide support to place a quote in SAP Business One. Simply add products to your cart and click Checkout. On the Confirm Orders page, select “Request a quote for this order” in the list of payment method options and click “Request a quote for this order” to place the quote in your SAP Business One instance.

 What's new with Aphix Management Interface?

Your product catalogue lists all the products you have on sale.

Ideally, it is well structured and each product contains accurate images, keywords and metadata.

Over time, it may become less accurate or complete as products become obsolete or product packaging changes.

Using product reports to keep a product catalogue up to date feature guide shows you how to improve the quality of your product catalogue by identifying products that may not have appropriate images or keywords or metadata that can be difficult to locate in large product catalogues.

 What's new with Aphix WebShop?

Quantity breaks table displayed for retail customers

The quantity breaks feature (also called bulk discounts) allows you to set different prices for different amount of products purchased. Previously, it was only possible to view a quantity breaks table if you were a trade customer. We have extended this functionality to allow it retail customers to view bulk discounts also. This feature is integrated with SAP Business One, Intact and Sage 200.

 What's new with Aphix PocketShop?

Improved checkout process

Following input from you, we’ve updated our checkout process so that your customers are clear on the cost of the orders they are placing.

As you know, once your customers have added products to the cart, there is a three step checkout process - Review, Delivery and Confirm. We’ve added a Calculate button on each of the Review and Delivery screens, allowing your customers to re-calculate the total cost of the order. This may change as they move through the checkout process for a number of reason. For example, editing the contents of the cart would result in a change to order and VAT totals. Changing delivery address to another country may increase or decrease the shipping charge. Selecting to collect the order may reduce the shipping cost to zero. These changes can be re-calculated using the Calculate button.

We’ve updated our Sales order processing in Aphix PocketShop to reflect our new improved checkout process.

Support for two different shipping charge options

PocketShop now supports two different shipping charge options. You can select to charge either a flat rate or shipping unit charge. A flat rate charge is calculated based on a numerical value (for example, product weight or value) and the delivery’s destination (taken from the Delivery details screen). A shipping unit charge is calculated based on a shipping type (for example, weight, cost or volume) and a shipping rule that is associated with a specific product or group of products.

Both shipping charge options are typically set up and managed within Aphix Management Interface, and are applied automatically based on the shipping rules associated with them in PocketShop.

Read more about Shipping Services in Aphix PocketShop in PocketShop here. We’ve also updated our Sales order processing in Aphix PocketShop to reflect that we support different shipping charges now.

Bug fixes in Aphix WebShop

Order history in WebShop dashboard not loading correctly

We heard from you that there was an issue with order history loading correctly in your WebShop dashboard. This was affecting you adversely two reasons. Firstly, it was more difficult for your customers to re-order directly from the order history section. Secondly, it was making it hard for your customers to see any order amendments made by the merchant administrator after the order was placed. After looking under the hood, we discovered that there was a difference in the data we expected and what was sent from SAP Business One. We fixed this pronto, and it is functional again!

Fixed issues with missing quantity breaks tables and data

The quantity breaks feature (also called bulk discounts) allows you to set different prices for different amount of products purchased. You told us that there were a few issues with this feature this month. Firstly, the quantity breaks table was not displayed on some of your product pages. Secondly, there were some bulk discounts missing from the quantity breaks table when it was displayed. Both these issues meant additional work for you since your customers were contacting you about bulk discounts for products rather than using WebShop to order.

We examined the code, and realised two things. Firstly, although the bulk discounts were applied correctly for the products ordered, the quantity breaks table was not being displayed in some products. We’ve fixed this now, so the bulk discount tables are now displayed correctly on all of your product pages. Secondly, we fixed the bug where some data was missing from the table.

Now your customers can see all bulk discounts associated with a product in your product catalogue. Phew!

Product allocations in Intact iQ not correct

There was a problem with the way certain products were allocated in Intact iQ which impacted the quantity of product(s) ordered. We have fixed it, and the correct quantity is now allocated correctly.

Bug fixes in Aphix PocketShop

  • You told us you could not view individual transaction record from the Transaction dashboard. We took a look at the code, and discovered that there was an incorrect transaction type mapping which we promptly fixed. You can now click into Invoice, Credit and Credit Note to view additional information about those transactions. For all other transaction types, no additional information is displayed.

  • We heard that search in PocketShop had broken and searching by product code, name or keyword were returning no products from the catalogue. Uh oh, that is really not good. We dived into the code, found the problem and fixed it. Using search now returns accurate product data - click on our Aphix PocketShop search options to find out more about how search options work.

  • You contacted us and told us that it wasn’t possible to add products with options to your cart in PocketShop. In some cases, the options for the product were not displayed and in others, the options appeared but when selected caused PocketShop to stall. Either way, it was a bug, and had to be fixed. We tracked down the root cause and fixed it. Products with options can now be added and displayed correctly. Success!

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