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January 2020

 What's new in SalesRep?

You can now select both the delivery address and delivery contact when you have sync of delivery addresses enabled. This means that your orders are now invoiced and shipped more efficiently. You can also add contacts to your existing addresses within SalesRep.

Improvements in SalesRep

  • Changes were made to the way searches are made so that results are returned faster, especially for heavily used words in a particular catalogue.

  • Based on feedback from you, changes were made to how product price history was returned so it would be faster. The product price history feature is used to help you negotiate prices with your customers.

  • On the order screen, improvements were made such that the web deal bubble is now displayed more accurately against the appropriate product.

Fixed in SalesRep

  • Planogram images now display correctly.

  • Two fields - "quantity ordered" and "date item ordered" - had been displayed in a previous version of SalesRep. Both these fields were hidden in a later version. Hiding these fields made it challenging for you to serve your customers as well as you'd like to. We've made both these two fields -"quantity ordered" and "date item ordered" - visible again.

Fixed in PocketShop

  • When you view an order in your Order History, discounts are now applied correctly and consistently across both PocketShop and WebShop.

  • When you create an order in PocketShop, the delivery details are now populated in the delivery screen, in a same way to how they are in WebShop.

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