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July 2022

Aphix PocketShop

New features

We're delighted to let you know that Aphix PocketShop v2.7.3 is now available. This version contains even more new features and improvements for you.

Improved performance

We've fixed PocketShop so that it now loads quicker and is far more responsive. For you, this means that opening PocketShop is faster, which makes it easier for your customers to place orders faster!

Extended view for products and pricing data

Perhaps you wish to include extra information about your products or their pricing in the product catalogue on Aphix PocketShop? Now you can, with our extended product view feature. The information you wish to display is either imported regularly from your ERP into pre-defined fields or added using extended fields in Aphix Managment Interface.

Updated error handling when placing an order

When your customers checkout, we validate the order to make sure that it can be placed successfully in your ERP. Previously, we have returned messages related to the status of products in your Cart; for example, if quantity breaks apply, or if the product is out of stock or unavailable.

We've extended the order validation to check for errors that relate to the Cart. Some examples of what we can now check for include minimum order value or quantity has been reached, your customer has selected delivery and/or collection slot or they have reached their spend limit. Messages are displayed on the Confirmation page, and your customer can then update their order and resubmit it.

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