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March 2020

What's new with Aphix Management Interface?

Improved catalogue management

A great product catalogue is one in which products have appropriate images, keywords and metadata associated with them and are categorised appropriately. Having a great product catalogue will show your customers that you are organised and good to do business with.

Aphix has added a new feature that allows you to identify products with no category or products that do not have images, keywords or metadata associated with them. Using these reports help you maintain and improve the quality of your product catalogue.

Click How do I use product reports to keep my catalogue up to date? for more information on how to use the Product Reports feature.

Credit features work together

Two credit features - “strict credit” and “strict on hold” are supported by Aphix.

When “strict credit” is enabled, the customer is not allowed to place an order if the combined credit balance on their account and the total of the current order exceeds their credit limit, their credit limit has been obtained from their ERP. When “strict on hold” is enabled, the customer is not allowed to purchase products if the customer’s credit status in the ERP has been set to “on hold” or “on stop”.

Prior to this improvement, it was not possible to have both enabled at the same time. However, you requested that this be modified so that it is possible for you to apply your credit rules effectively.

Improvements to Aphix Management Interface

  • Catalogue searches with large restricted customer product lists have improved performance.

  • Better support for Transparent PNGs now across products, categories, banners and content management system (CMS) available.

Fixed in Aphix Management Interface

  • Customer email addresses with “&” in their name are now displayed correctly in email confirmations.
  • Due to how Internet Explorer renders its images, the maximum width of a image was stored, which made other images display incorrectly. We’ve added in a maximum height in conjunction to the maximum width for images. This has resolved the issue.
  • The latest version of Chrome had a bug which meant it was not possible to edit or save changes to your content pages or category structure. We’ve changed our style template to resolve this issue.
  • In certain circumstances, orders may be submitted more than once. We’ve modified how orders are submitted and queued to prevent this from happening.

Fixed in Aphix WebShop

  • Your customers can now import their Favourites from their customer dashboard.
  • Your WebShop sitemap has been updated so that pages that you have marked as restricted are no longer visible to your customers.
  • Different formats for account codes are returned when attempting to retrieve order history information. We’ve fixed this so order history information is retrieved correctly.

Fixed in Aphix PocketShop

  • The “PDF print of Planograms” features operates correctly now. 
  • The search feature has been updated to remove some search result anomalies.
  • In certain circumstances, the free item toggle in the multi-buy feature does not work, resulting in incorrect data being sent to the ERP. We’ve fixed this so that this feature works as it should.

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