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May 2022

Aphix WebShop and Management Interface

New features

Updated Settings screen in Aphix Management Interface

Aphix Management Interface is designed to be be functional and intuitive. We are in the process of making Aphix Management Interface more easy to navigate and with even more controls for you to configure and update features in your Aphix WebShop, Aphix SalesRep and/or Aphix PocketShop! 

To start with, we've updated the Configuration screens, providing you with more control over your settings, and a more intuitive way of finding the setting you want to change.

Why not read our comprehensive feature guide on the new configuration screens to find out more?

More updates to coupons and vouchers feature

There's a number of updates we've made to our Coupons and Vouchers feature recently. 

  • We've added support to prevent discounts being applied to charges that cannot be discounted, such as WEEE charges.
  • We've added functionality that allows you to restrict coupons to particular products for B2C customers, B2B customers or both.
  • In March, we told you about our new support for coupons and vouchers that results in a zero balance cart. Now, we'd like to share that we've updated the order confirmation document that is sent to your customers with the coupon or voucher code that has been applied to the order. This improves communication between you and your customer, and reduces potential confusion where an order has zero cost. 

Aphix PocketShop

New features

We're delighted to let you know that PocketShop v2.7.1 is now available. This version adds some great new features and improvements for you.

Support for multiple delivery addresses

When you have multiple delivery addresses configured for use, you can now select the desired delivery address from the delivery screen. This updates the fields, and allows you to add or modify details, which are then saved as part of the order.

PocketShop news items managed more effectively in Aphix Management Interface

The Latest News section, found on the PocketShop Dashboard, allows to share your company news with your customers. We've improved this feature by allowing you to add, delete and modify news items in Aphix Management Interface. Once you've saved your changes, the items are immediately available on PocketShop for your customers to read. 

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