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September 2022

🆕 New features in Aphix Digital Platform

Improvements to Search

The Search feature allows your customers to find products in your catalogue by searching for the product using product codes and keywords. The results are displayed on a product listing page, as shown:

Typically, by default, a boolean search against the keywords is carried out - this search type is called ‘fastsearch’. The results are returned with a relevancy score, which is used to order and display the results on a product listing page. We have made significant changes to how these feature extracts results based on your customer’s keywords.

For you, these changes mean faster response times and better performance when your customers search your product catalogue in Aphix WebShop, Aphix PocketShop and Aphix SalesRep.

Aphix eCommerce logo

🆕 New features in Aphix eCommerce

Support for “Special prices for business partners“ in SAP Business One

Only available where Aphix WebShop is integrated with SAP Business One

We support for “Special prices for business partners“ in SAP Business One.

Special prices for business partners is one type of discounts you can apply to your customer’s orders to increase your sales revenue. Special prices for business partners allows you set up a discount for selected customers, which are applied all sales order that the customer makes, regardless of what other discounts may be applied. Certain pre-conditions must exist for special prices to be used as a price source for your customer’s sales order - to discover more about this, read Price soures and discount sources, found on the SAP Help Portal1.

Once you have set up special pricing for business partners correctly as a price source in SAP Business One, the discount is automatically uploaded to your Aphix WebShop. Typically, it is set up correctly if you have a discount entered in the Total Discount % field under Payment Terms in the Business Partner Master Data table.

When your customer creates an order on Aphix WebShop, this discount is automatically applied in their Cart and displayed as Discount.

When the order is placed, this discount is included in the Discount field of the Sales Order. This discount is applied regardless of other applicable discounts. Note that shipping can not be discounted using this price source.

1 This is a link to an external site. Aphix has no control over its contents.

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