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How do I place an order in PocketShop?

Purpose and scope

Aphix PocketShop has a three step process to compile and place orders in real-time into your ERP. While your customers can add items to the cart whether you are online or offline, you can only place the order while you are online. This ensures that the cart calculation is done immediately prior to placing the order, meaning that the most up to date prices have been obtained from your ERP.

This article explains what steps your customers follow to place an order in PocketShop.

It defines the integration points for supported ERPs.

Step by step


You are logged into Aphix PocketShop.

Compile your order

  1. Locate the products you wish to add to your cart, through browsing the product categories, recent products, favourities, using the search feature or the barcode scanner. The product details screen for the selected product is displayed.

  2. Click Add to place the product in your cart.

  3. Click + or - to specify the amount of the product you want to purchase in the Quantity field.

  4. Repeat until you have added all products to your cart

Cart contents marked with PocketShop labels


Calculate real-time pricing for products in the cart

Click on the cart in the top-right corner of the screen. This opens the cart containing your order. Your order total is calculated in real-time by obtaining the latest prices from your ERP.

Key points

  • Depending on the features enabled, and how PocketShop has been configured, each product can have different pricing rules associated with it. When you clicks Calculate or Checkout, their cart is checked and the final price calculated. During these cart calculations, PocketShop checks the status of the items in the cart to verify that they can be sold in the quantity that are requested. If the order can not be fulfilled, the order cannot be placed and an message to "Please check your cart" is displayed. Once you modifies their cart by removing the issue causing the error, they can place the order successfully. 

  • You can change the error message displayed from the default "Please check your cart" to a different message by using Translations in Management Interface Settings. 

    Top tip

    Search for the global tag,, to quickly locate the text that you wish to modify.

Complete delivery information
  1. Click Checkout. This opens the delivery information screen.

  2. Enter delivery information - select whether you wish to collect in-store or have it delivered.

    • If you select “Collect in store”, you must select which store from the drop-down list.

    • If you select “Delivery”, you must select a delivery address (“Ship to”).

Key points

  • By default, the delivery address is set to the "Ship To" or default delivery address.

  • Your customers can select a delivery address from a drop-down box on the delivery information screen. The list displayed is a combination of delivery addresses saved in WebShop (if your customers are also WebShop users) and those that are saved in your ERP.

  • You can update an existing address and use the modified address. If you do, the address is stored with the order details; it is not saved in the list of delivery addresses.

Confirm order details
  1. Click Confirm to confirm details and view the order confirmation screen.

  2. Enter PO reference or any additional notes on the order confirmation screen, as required.

Key points

You can specify whether you want the PO reference field to be optional or required. If you make it mandatory, an error message displayed if it is left blank.

Pay for your order & Place order

Select to pay by credit card or place an order on account. Your order is placed in real time into your ERP.

Key points about order details

  • Order totals, which may include shipping charges and appropriate taxes are calculated in real-time.

  • The net total is displayed in your cart.

  • Clicking 

     shows the net total, VAT total, shipping and gross total.

Retrieving and storing data

Using standard web service calls,

  • relevant data is retrieved in real-time from your ERP,

  • your order is placed into your ERP in real-time.

Example - screen by screen view

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